• Men's clothing with a sense of spirit, designed to inspire.
    Man represents freedom within his own consciousness and all his actions are inspired by the delighted glance of a muse. She gives him power and energy. For these reasons, we are making truly men’s clothes by the female name MUSE.
    Every item of MUSE’s clothing is made in a contemporary style, with high quality detailing. Every item of our clothing range has been created to bring love and freedom. Pleasure and convenience. Anytime, anywhere.
    MUSE: Functional, smart, simplicity. Using the latest breathable extreme sportswear technologies, for ultimate comfort.
    MUSE fundamentals: inside and outside comfort, freedom of spirit, ever-present love.
    MUSE – the starting point, the route and the destination at the same time.

  • WE

    Are ladies who have found mutual sense in creation of clothes.
    We are discovering love in any form. We are eager to see confident, inspired and bold men in our clothes. We are free, there are no limits for us.

  • АRТ

    MUSE show-room is a new art-platform. Paintings and objects of art are constantly changing there. We are always open to new collaborations with artists.


    Odessa, Ukraine
    +38 098 8108108